Why Taking Pictures of Your Plumbing Installations Is Important

You do not have to take out the soldering torch or the basin wrenches before plumbing becomes a tricky job. The location and layout of your pipes behind the walls is the first thing you want to be aware of before taking on any major plumbing installations or repair. The only way that figuring out the configuration of your plumbing is if you had the gift of c-ray vision. There is however a simple trick which can help you save not only time and quite possibly money but also frustration the next time you are renovating or constructing a new home – a picture is worth a dozen words so take one.

The Other Side of Taking Photos

For the most part pictures taken of people’s homes are taken of the exterior, or maybe some strategic interior decoration shots. The inside of the walls is not usually a shout out photo option which you look forward to sharing at your next get together. The reason for taken an open-wall picture is for practical purposes not aesthetic ones.

The reason being that the layout of your home’s plumbing can be quite an intricate system. Even though installing new plumbing systems can be done just about anywhere taking advantage of the current set up as well as connecting to current stacks and pipes without having to add very many new infrastructures under floors, in ceilings or around corners makes things much simpler.

Plumbing InstallationsSo if you find yourself in a situation which requires your walls to be open due to renovation and or construction it is important to take pictures or the interior, you will be doing yourself a monumental favor by doing so.

More Than Words

If in the future you are faced with a major plumbing project the picture you have taken of your plumbing layout you will be giving yourself a head start. By having a picture, you can refer to you will know exactly where the pipes must be connected and what would be the best place to add new plumbing installations.

This is also a great way to get a close look at the locations of y framing, HVAC ducts and wiring you will be aware of what areas you should avoid during your renovation and or construction project.

Although blueprints exist for this purpose for someone who is not a professional contractor these may not be that easy to read or comprehend. A blueprint will also not include any adjustments and or changes that a technician may have made to the systems in your home at the last minute. A photo however shows you everything right up front, exactly how it is right before the wall is once again sealed.

Qualified and Trustworthy Plumbing is a Must

On of the most important factors in a home is the plumbing system, if a plumbing system does not get installed properly it will not function as it should and that can cause many problems further down the line. This can be avoided by calling a local plumber who is qualified and trustworthy.