Common Symptoms of a Clogged Sewer Line

Sewer systems are something that you probably have never thought of. Sewer lines are gross and nasty; however, they are a necessary part of home ownership. Sooner or later you will need to clean out your sewer line. If your sewer lines are not cleaned, raw sewage can back up into your home causing a terrible smell. Additionally, it is very unsanitary. The following warning signs can signal that your sewer line may need cleaning. Additionally, the article will discuss the most common causes for clogging

The two main signs of a clogged sewer line is a slow drain or a clog in your kitchen sink or one of the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.

Listen for gurgling noises in your bathroom drains or percolating bubbles in your toilet.

Your bathroom fixtures often respond to sewer issues faster than other plumbing fixtures in your home. Bubbles may begin appearing in your toilet when you flush it or you may hear gurgling sounds coming from your bathtub drain or toilet. Other drain issues, such as a clogged pipe, do not gurgle or bubble. This is a distinct issue that occurs in blocked sewer lines.

Sewage May Back Up and Enter Your Toilet or Bathtub

Clogged SewerWhen you have a clog in one of your plumbing pipes, only clear water will be seen. However, when your sewer is backed up, the backflow may smell and not be clear. In fact, you may notice feces particles, sand, gravel and other debris coming into your toilet or bathtub. This type of backflow is a sure sign that your sewer lines need to be cleaned.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Clogs

Tree Roots

The roots from trees located near your sewer lines can cause a number of problems. The roots can cause cracks to form in your sewer lines and allow the roots to begin growing inside your pipes. This type of sewer line clog is very difficult to deal with.

Large Debris

Large items, such as huge chunks of toilet tissue, cloth, sanitary napkins and toys are common causes of clogged sewer lines. These items can get stuck in the sewer line and cause a number of issues.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Anytime you work on your sewer line or decide to use a plumbing snake to clean out your sewer line, you should dress appropriately. Cleaning sewer lines is a nasty business. Exposed skin can come in contact with human excrement. Therefore, every area of your skin should be covered. Wear a pair of long rubber gloves, wear goggles to keep your eyes protected and tie your hair back.

Usually, the access port for your sewer line is marked in your yard. Once you find this, all you need to do is remove the cap, clear the debris and use a plumbing snake to clear the sewer lines.

Cleaning out sewer lines is unsanitary and dirty. If you do not want to get dirty, why not hire a professional to do the job for you?